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Turning Kids at Risk into Kinds Empowered 

First Offender

  Youth Program

The Ultimate Business University (UBU) is a program designed to intervene and reclaim young people from lives of crime by providing an educational system which transcend conventional methods and cultivate at risk youth to discover their true genius.

This program solves the challenges which exposed these children to a less than appropriate world. It could be a family problem, a drug habit, alcohol abuse or illiteracy. These children may need counseling, tutoring, job training, or rehab. Our full time three-year program will guide them to learn they have better choices available than they have been exposed to so far.

Our Missions is:

        Intervene and reclaim young people from lives of crime

        Provide an overloaded court system with a reliable alternative to incarceration for youth

        Create a safe environment for these children

        Provide education systems that will transcend conventional methods and help these at risk youth discover their true genius

Program length: Three year high school period (10th-12th grades)

Case management: Participants are interviewed and assessed

Participant tracking: Lifetime after completion of program

Objective: Foster core values of respect, responsibility, ethics/integrity, positive life skills, personal success and recidivism prevention.

Results: Although the results will vary on each child, the minimum expectation includes:

        Improved behavior choices

        Academic improvement

        Increased self worth

        Enhanced self confidence

        Positive decision making skills





Sharyn Abbott, Founder